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please cite the following reference for CHD@ZJU 1.0:
CHD@ZJU: a knowledgebase providing network-based research platform on coronary heart disease. (Pubmed ID: 23818526)

Welcome to CHD@ZJU Database!

Coronary Heart Disease @ZJU (CHD@ZJU) is a curated knowledge-base to provide a network based study platform on coronary heart disease. In current Version(4.0) we have:


in Ver(4.0), 5,000+ CHD related genes are newly added with referenced validation.


Notably, 300+ explicitly validated microRNAs are included in our database.


Up to 47,000+ human protein-protein interactions are exhibited in this version of CHD.


More than 3,000 drugs related CHD genes are collected with full information.


More than 20,000 single cells with CHD were collected to find cell-type-specific genes.

Brief Usage for CHD@ZJU!

A quick guidance for using our database.

  • Find CHD related genes and its location in pathways in CHD GENES.
  • Find CHD related miRNA and its information in CHD MIRS.
  • Find CHD related pathways in CHD PATHWAYS.
  • Find CHD-gene related drugs in CHD RELATIONS.
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