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please cite the following reference for CHD@ZJU 3.0:
CHD@ZJU: a knowledgebase providing network-based research platform on coronary heart disease. (Pubmed ID: 23818526)

Welcome to CHD@ZJU Database!

Coronary Heart Disease @ZJU (CHD@ZJU) is a curated knowledge-base to provide a network based study platform on coronary heart disease. In current Version(3.0) we have:


in Ver(3.0), 4,500 CHD related genes are newly added with referenced validation.


Notably, 275 explicitly validated microRNAs are included in our database.


Up to 47,000+ human protein-protein interactions are exhibited in this version of CHD.


More than 3,000+ drugs related CHD genes are collected with full information.

Brief Usage for CHD@ZJU!

A quick guidance for using our database.

  • Find CHD related genes and its location in pathways in CHD GENES.
  • Find CHD related miRNA and its information in CHD MIRS.
  • Find CHD related pathways in CHD PATHWAYS.
  • Find CHD-gene related drugs in CHD RELATIONS.
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